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Graffeo was founded in 1935 on the streets of San Francisco's Italian culinary capital, North Beach, San Francisco.


In the 40's Graffeo's popularity continues to grow as does coffee culture in general. Thomas Cara imports the 1st espresso machine to the USA. The first sweet-smelling espresso is made from Graffeo Coffee.


Café Trieste opens in North Beach, San Francisco. Beatnicks and celebrities alike gather to form the roots of the new café scene.


The vibrant 60's brings about new spiritual, philosophical and intellectual heights. Across the bay, Lino Meiorin invents the "Latte" in his Berkeley café, further defining the area's impact on the fast-growing worldwide coffee culture.


In 1970 Starbucks founders Baldwin, Seigl and Bowker spend Christmas with Alfred Peet in the Bay Area to learn the specialty coffee trade.

In 1971 the San Francisco bay area café movement spreads to Seattle as Starbucks opens using Peet's coffee for the first 2 years.

In 1978 Graffeo helps transform the coffee roasting industry by implementing the world's first commercial fluid-bed roaster which roasts coffee beans on a bed of air, further refining our legendary taste and quality.


Due to overwhelming demand Graffeo coffee opens new roasting facility in Beverly Hills next to the famous Rodeo Drive. An instant success, Graffeo soon becomes coffee supplier to Hollywood celebrities and the area's finest restaurants.


During the 90's Graffeo continues to earn critical acclaim. The New York Times' Chief Food Editor Ruth Reichl tags Graffeo "rich, full and never bitter."


Graffeo begins planning for a new Asia-Pacific roasting facility to be located in Singapore.


Leading culinary guide ZAGAT ranks Graffeo #1 in both coffee quality and service in its marketplace guide, and calls Graffeo "the best coffee around", and "absolutely perfect".


We celebrate 25,000 straight days of coffee roasting, reaffirming our commitment to tradition, innovation and coffee of rare quality.

Gourmet Magazine says "The Repetto family has been roasting coffee here since the 40's, and that's all they do - sell great coffee by the pound."


In 2003, we open our first overseas roasting facility in Singapore. The state-of-the-art facility is the first of its kind in Asia. With it, we bring our legendary quality to countries throughout the Asia-Pacific region.


We begin our export business to Hong Kong with Hong Kong's top restaurant Harlan's as our first customer.


Graffeo expands its Asia-Pacific distribution to luxury resorts around the region.


Graffeo named as one of the world's best coffees in National Geographic's book "The Ten Best of Everything".


Graffeo substantiates its position as Asia's leading coffee supplier by adding Macau's top luxury hotels and casinos to its client list.


Graffeo leads Asia into sustainable coffee as it becomes the 1st roaster to launch 100% Rainforest Alliance certified coffee in Hong Kong.


Graffeo becomes the first coffee roaster in Singapore to be accredited as a United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) Certified Organic facility.


Graffeo celebrates its 75th Anniversary of coffee roasting. Graffeo establishes the Graffeo Coffee Academy and Espresso Lab in its Hong Kong Sales Office with industry-leading coffee brewing equipment and classes.

Graffeo Asia-Pacific changes logo and corporate identity to better reflect its leading role in Asia's coffee sector.