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Singapore Roasting Facility

Fresh coffee is the best coffee. This is why we roast our coffee close to our customers.

Our regional headquarters and main roasting facility is located in Singapore, the vibrant heart of Southeast Asia. Here you can experience what makes Graffeo so unique. Our custom-developed fluid-bed roasting facility fuses age-old artisan ways with cutting-edge technology and science making it the most innovative plant of its kind. Unlike other roasters, we invent, create, develop and implement our own roasting technologies which enables us to have unparalleled control over the process which yields our award-winning coffee.

In 2009, we continued our innovation with the introduction of a highly specialized new micro-roaster which was invented to specifically roast our Grand Cru Special Reserve coffees bringing increased aromatics and ability to reveal the true terroir of these limited edition beans.

Each day you will find our roasters hard at work, creating and hand-blending our craft signature coffees and Grand Cru Special Reserves. All of our coffees are small-batch roasted and then packed in airtight bags that are nitrogen-flushed to ensure our coffees remain as fresh as possible.

Our on-site cupping laboratory continually makes sure that every single batch of coffee that we roast matches our exacting standards.

To experience the future of coffee roasting, please contact us to arrange a special appointment.