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As a pioneer in the specialty coffee roasting business for 75 years, we still remain focused on just this – roasting coffee. This in all its simplicity has been our recipe for success.


Founded as a pure coffee roaster, we have never sold cups of coffee or entered into the retail cafe business, choosing to focus on what we do best - roasting coffee. This focus allows us to keep on the forefront of coffee roasting technologies and provide restaurants, hotels, cafes and individuals with some of the best tasting coffee on the market today.


Over the years, we at Graffeo have remained steadfast to our promise of providing consistently satisfying fresh coffee time after time. We have always treated the word “fresh” with the highest regard. We have always roasted your beans fresh to order.


In any food or beverage the ingredients one uses has an immense effect on the quality of the final product. At Graffeo, we travel the world and take special care in the selection and preparation of our green coffees to ensure they meet our exacting standards. As a triple certified roaster we support sustainable methods when growing, harvesting and processing our coffees. These growers share our values for being stewards of the environment.