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The Art & Science

To appreciate the uniqueness of Graffeo coffee, we need to understand the inherent qualities of coffee and the science behind the art of coffee roasting.

The Beans

Coffee grows on trees in many countries - generally between the Tropics of Cancer and Capricorn - and is hand-picked as ripe cherries. These are then processed to yield green coffee beans and shipped to coffee roasters around the world.

The Blend

Coffee beans from different origins have varied taste profiles and are mixed to form individual unique blends. Greater complexity, flavor, aroma, and an overall balance are achieved through blending the finest Arabica beans.

The Science

Coffee roasting is the process of heating the green coffee beans to remove moisture and facilitate pyrolysis of the sugar in the coffee bean cells. During this process, green beans turn brown and attain their distinct flavor and aroma.


Uniform and controlled heat must be applied to the entire batch of beans to ensure thorough roasting without overheating. Our scientific technology delivers consistently on attaining the optimum taste profile for a particular type or blend of coffee.

The Art

Creating a coffee blend resembles an artist drawing on blank canvas. There are hundreds of varieties of coffee that provide distinctive taste profiles. Adjusting roast temperatures to achieve selected profiles a complicated procedure which takes years to master.



Monitoring this delicate process to achieve perfection is highly challenging - some say an art. Taste, timing, temperature, and atmospheric conditions all contribute to the final outcome of the roast and thus the quality of the coffee. One has to know the intimate characteristics of a blend as well as how to release its essential flavors. Executing this task flawlessly on a consistent basis is the goal for all roasters.

Our Process

At Graffeo, the art and science of coffee roasting are inherent in our culture. From the selection of green beans to the formation of choice blends, we strive to offer results consistent with our legacy of excellence. Our green bean storage, coffee roasting facility, grinding and packing room are all housed together under one roof to ensure that each procedure is closely monitored by our technicians to exacting specifications.



Each of these facilities is meticulously engineered by hand and combines a broad depth of knowledge with the latest technological innovations.



With the advent of our new Singapore roasting facility, we have integrated proprietary innovations that allow us to tailor each roast for ambient temperature, humidity and weight variables in the environment.



Freshness has always been important to us. From our roasting facility in Singapore, coffee is shipped by air to ensure that the quality, aroma, and taste are intact when you receive your beans.

The Technology – Fluid Bed Roasting

Fluid Bed (also known as Hot Air) is a roasting technique derived from strong engineering and scientific basis.



At Graffeo, coffee beans are roasted in small batches in a fluid bed roaster. With an overall balance among roaster design, bean load capacity, air flow dynamic, temperature control and roasting time etc., coffee beans are roasted with optimal result. You can expect a very balanced roast with a striking aroma, a clean appearance, supple oil, a deep cup profile, a smooth tactile and lingering after taste from every cup. Even dark roast is free of bitter tasting tars.


From the selection of green beans to the formation

of choice blends, we strive to offer results consistent

with our legacy of excellence.

The Environment

At Graffeo, we take a holistic approach to the way we treat the environment and global coffee growing communities.



This philosophy is reflected in the development of our roasting processes and facilities. We integrate numerous controls and measures at each of our locations to ensure that the environment is kept clean for safe and healthy living. All of our facilities must adhere to stringent internal and external standards that guarantee every bean at Graffeo is roasted in immaculate conditions.



To support the effort to improve the living conditions of coffee growing communities, Graffeo is a member of Coffee Kids – an international non-profit organization established to improve the quality of life for children and families who live in coffee-growing communities around the world.

Our Operations

Graffeo Coffee Roasting Co. Asia-Pacific is dedicated to supply its legendary fresh roasted coffee to clients in the Asia-Pacific region. Our custom-built roasting facility in Singapore is the most advanced in Asia. Today, Graffeo can be found in many of the region’s finest dining establishments, 5-star resorts, hip cafes, Fortune 500 offices, and homes across Asia continuing our legacy as a purveyor to the world’s best.


Being the first operation Graffeo has set up outside North America, we take much pride in developing this proprietary handcrafted facility. It embodies all that we have learned over the last seventy-five years of roasting tradition.



From this centrally located hub, we ship coffee to our ever-expanding regional client base. We have developed a reputation in the market for our industry leading coffee training, equipment maintenance and technical service and specialized custom coffee blend creation and roasting services for institutions needing to develop their own unique branded coffee. Our service scope encompasses the entire coffee value-chain allowing F&B managers to use Graffeo as a single point of contact for all their coffee needs.



Graffeo coffee is made available direct from our Singapore Headquarters for Southeast Asia and via our Hong Kong Greater China regional office. For more information on how to order Graffeo coffee in your area, please contact us.