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Growing Regions

Locations where coffee is grown is called Origin. To us, all Origins are special places as this is where coffee starts its journey from seed to cup. Coffee grows in rather remote locations in between the Tropic of Cancer and the Tropic of Capricorn. Most of the high grade coffees used by us grow at altitudes of about 1,200 meters to over 3,000 meters in rather moderate year-round temperatures between 65 °F and 75 °F with adequate sun exposure, plentiful rainfall, and healthy soil. Each and every country and within them each region has its own unique combination of environment, land characteristics, and processing techniques which enable their coffee to reveal the special aromas and tastes which are coveted and sought after by us. Seeking out these exemplary coffees has been a lifelong mission for us at Graffeo.

Although coffee’s history is long and well-documented, we believe that coffee is entering a Golden Era where for the first time innovation is occurring at all stages of the value chain; on the farms, in roasteries like ours, and in cafes via a cutting-edge barista culture. For the first time the growers, the roasters, and the baristas are all working together and communicating with the single goal of producing amazing coffee. Graffeo will be at the forefront of these innovations and we invite you to join us as we introduce new exemplary coffees from the worlds growing regions.