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Today coffee farmers are starting to join the innovation which is gripping the coffee world. More and more focus is being placed on coffee processing techniques to unleash more exquisite aromas and tastes. At Graffeo, our goal is to bring these regal efforts to consumers. With our Special Reserve Collection, consumers will be able to access these special coffees and reward farmers' hard work and dedication.

The processing starts after the cherries are picked. The first step is to remove the two seeds from the fruit which is a process called milling. The different methods of milling significantly affect the quality and how the coffee will taste. There are 3 main methods called Natural, Pulped Natural and Washed. During the Natural process the fruit is allowed to dry and harden around the bean upon which it is removed, thus producing increased body and potentially fruity flavor. The Pulped Natural method includes removing the skin immediately while allowing the rest of the fruit called the mucilage to dry around the coffee bean revealing a brighter coffee with amplified floral notes. Finally and possibly the most used is the Washed method which the outer layer of fruit is removed immediately and the inner fruit is fermented and then washed off the bean. This method produces a clean flavor and a brighter acidity.

All processing methods greatly effect the quality and characteristics of the coffee. Graffeo’s professional staff are increasingly focused on understanding how these different methods can be further exemplified in different brewing methods.