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Roasting coffee is a highly delicate process in which green coffee beans are heated to chemically and physically transform them into roasted coffee beans. This process creates the flavor and aroma characteristics present in coffee. Much like any type of cooking, the right time, temperature, and technique are necessary to produce the right end product. With coffee this is a highly specialized process which needs not only human expertise but also technology to develop the perfect roast and thus flavor profile.

Today there are two types of roasting methods the traditional “drum” roasting method, and a newer technology that is called “fluid-bed” or “air” roasting. With the traditional drum method a hot-plate heats the coffee beans primarily using conductive heat, much like a frying pan. With fluid-bed roasting, large amounts of hot air heats the coffee beans in a bed-of-air using mainly convective heat. This type of heat is much softer and easier on the beans thus delivering a more even roast throughout the process.

At Graffeo, we have been on the forefront of roasting innovation for the last 35 years. We were the first company to commercialize fluid-bed roasting technology in the late 70’s and today; we are one of the very few coffee roasters who have the expertise to custom build our own fluid-bed roasting technology in-house. Our superior technology enables us to have complete control over our roasting and continue to drive innovation, quality and consistency.