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Technical Service

At Graffeo, we understand that full-service technical support is essential in the demanding food and beverage industry. Our specially-trained technical service team ensures that your retail outlet is able to provide the same stellar coffee beverages each and every business day through careful checkups and routine maintenance. Our customer service line is staffed around the clock so to ensure peace of mind.

We perform regular detailed preventive maintenance check-ups so that your equipment is always clean and taken care of. Complete and thorough reports of each service are provided for your records. We respond to all service requests immediately, and plan equipment overhauls in advance to make sure your outlet doesn't miss a step.

Working in concert with our technical preventive maintenance check-ups are our coffee quality assurance reports. We taste your coffee beverages and adjust the espresso and coffee grinders and espresso machine settings to get the best extraction and flavor from the coffee. Temperatures, volumes, and taste balance of the beverages are all double-checked to our industry-leading standards.