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We at Graffeo understand that our valued wholesale clients play the vital role of being the last step in the coffee's journey from seed to cup. Therefore, we place a very high importance on our full-service training sessions that are custom-tailored to suit your business' specific coffee program's needs. We cover topics ranging from bean selection and coffee tasting to equipment operation and daily maintenance. Our sessions range from the most basic introduction to coffee to sophisticated bar management and customer service insights and impressive latte art techniques. Draw from our years of expertise in the industry to ensure you win over customers with each and every cup of Graffeo coffee.

Wholesale training includes:

  • Coffee history and information
  • Coffee bean selection and blend information
  • Coffee tasting session
  • Espresso extraction fundamentals
  • Milk frothing fundamentals
  • Drink building to standard - latte, cappuccino, and americano
  • Coffee quality indicators

Additional sessions available:

  • Advanced espresso techniques
  • Signature drink design and building
  • Free-pour latte art
  • Customer service session
  • Bar management and work efficiency
  • Bar design and layout
  • Menu planning and consultation