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Certified Fair Trade

How can a cup of coffee influence global economics and the livelihood of people on the other side of the world?

As the second-largest trading commodity in the world, coffee has the power and the volume to impact markets all across the world. Average prices for coffee have recently fallen into 30-year lows, directly affecting over 30-million coffee-growing families living in over 50 countries. The hardest hit among them are small-scale coffee growers.

Fair Trade was developed to help these coffee farmers to earn a sustainable living for their work, and it does so in two ways: First, the middle man, who buys coffee from the farmer and farmer-owned co-operatives, is eliminated. This allows roasters and buyers to deal directly with farmers and co-ops. Secondly, Fair Trade sets a guaranteed minimum price for the coffee.

Certified Fair Trade coffee are able to provide a more sustainable future for farmers and their families, by building communities, providing social programs, and improving access to education, health care, and infrastructure. At Graffeo, we take it as our responsibility as a link in the global coffee chain to drive the movement for sustainability in coffee.

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